Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Don't kill a kitten!! Please!!

It was Meg's puppy/kitten/unicorn post and Sarah's kitten blog that got me thinking about creating a list of common student mistakes, and when my Algebra 2 Honors students came in at the beginning of the year making the same ones over and over, I thought it was time to take the "unicorn" by the horn.

Here is my Don't Kill a Kitten handout for Chapter 1 in Algebra 2 Honors. Whenever a student begins to solve a quadratic equation by setting it to the constant and factoring out an x (the horror!), I have them go to their handout and star the mistake they are making. The hope is that it will really stick with them. So far it's working. I may make one for every chapter.

Which mistakes are your students making now?