Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Can you Solve the TedEd Temple Riddle?

TedEd did it again. They produced another fantastic riddle that my students love. I first blogged about the Bridge Problem here and then about Einstein Problem here. There are a few more riddles that have been produced, such as the Prisoner Hat Riddle and the Green-eyed logic puzzle. And their latest does not disappoint...The Temple Riddle.

Each riddle provides a great story line that hooks the students. The animation is fun and the voice is great. Each one tells a tale that is seemingly impossible to solve, and then you can pause the video so that the students can attempt to find a solution.

Today, my students were at first very stumped (as was I!) with the Temple Riddle. We worked on it for at least 15 minutes, everyone coming up with different ideas and several students coming to the board. A student finally came up with the solution, but another student wasn't sold. What's great is that when you unpause the video, it explains the solution fully, so that anyone who was confused will no longer be. They are all awesome, and this one is the type of problem that my students crave.

Here are the five of them all in one place if you would like to share them with your students. I recommend spacing them out so that they look forward to them--because they will. More are being made, so stay tuned!

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