Monday, August 22, 2016

Getting Ready for Opening Days - Classroom Set up

It has been a while since I've posted about math! I can't believe the summer has flown by. This is the first time in a few years that I have had the same classroom for a second year in a row, and this year it really feels like "home." I just gave up the Smart Board in favor of Apple TV, and have Idea Paint this year on some walls that truly had no purpose. After going to AlexOverwijk's  workshop on Vertical NonPermanent Surfaces for two years in a row, I was so happy to see three areas painted white. I think it will allow for 8 more students to do work on the board.

I am moving clockwise around the room from the front. This Welcome sign comes from Sarah Carter's post and Jennifer William's tweet. I had bought this dry erase banner at Target for $3, I think and was really looking for a good use!

Above is my birthday board and to the right is the How To and How Not To Write Your Math Homework Poster.

Above is a student made unit circle, and a Target dollar colorful clip for when students miss work. They can get it on their own without having to ask for it. If they are absent, I will put their notes right in the clip. To the right is a Chuck Norris poster that my student got me...My favorite is number 2: Chuck Norris can divide by 0.

Above is a sign for office supplies because no matter what, students always ask where things are, so now hopefully there is no question...hmmmm. And to the right are some trophies our kids won from Mu Alpha Theta competitions.

Above is more student artwork (the bottom is full of equations that you can't see), and to the right is one area with the new Idea Paint.

Above is the side wall that now has the Idea Paint on both sides, and around the corner (now at the front) is the I love Pi Day poster I made on, plus Sara's awesome cut outs.

This is the top of the middle of the front (you can see the big picture at the start of this blog), and I made the poster Everything is Going to Be OK on And this is the first year I am using the Growth Mind Set posters (again from Sara!), so I'm really excited.

And here's my messy desk!

And this game I saw somewhere on a blog and thought would make for a good brain break!

This year I finally got smart and put colored tape on the desks for when I do Visible Random Grouping. The color corresponds to the colors assigns, and in the past my students would just sit with their group at any random table. This will make it more efficient. It was also hard to put the desks back when they took assessments, so there is a matching piece of tape on the floor where the four legs of each desk meet...for easy re-assembly, hopefully!

Tomorrow I will hopefully post what I am doing these first few days, but for now, that's it!
Peace out summer!

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