Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Unit Circle Projects 2020, Quarantine Edition!

Every year, my students create a unit circle project. It's all described here, in a previous blog post with lots of links to former projects as well. However, this year, due to COVID-19, the rules for the project was not to buy anything for the project itself (i.e., posterboard, markers, etc.), but to ONLY use what you have around the house. The results were amazing. I also normally don't allow baking for the projects, but this year, that was fine...and boy did I get some delicious looking projects! I clearly I have some artistic and creative students!

Here they are:

This student made the pizza from scratch!

The Unit Volcano "China Quarantine Edition" (my student is back in China.)

Disclaimer: The projects below were from first semester and were NOT done during Quarantine...but I was saving these pictures to post all at the same time: 


Which one(s) are your favorite? 


Lina said...

I love them all, but the toilet paper Unit Circle is my favorite!! Hope you are doing well! All good here! Today is Matt's last day of high school. He is headed to Georgia Tech this fall!!

Jacqueline Richardson said...

These are awesome! Especially the toilet paper one!

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