Saturday, October 31, 2015 Some Fun and Quick Class Tools to Hook Students

This is a crosspost from the technology blog I write with ProfeSeiden, called Tech4Scots. is probably one of the coolest things out there. It's really unique and students enjoy it. You can use it just for fun or as a learning tool. In a nutshell, you can create free games, fun activities, and diagrams in literally seconds. Here are some examples.

Breaking news generator:
I made this in about 30 seconds.

or use a pre-made picture from Anchorman:

Star Wars Movie Text:
Use this to scroll directions, for example, or to introduce something exciting (or otherwise not exciting, but you want to add some pizzazz...)

Fake Tweet:
To generate interest in a topic...haha I made this one up!

Use "Fakebook" for character development, to give a series of historical events, to give debates and relationships between people...this would make a great assignment. Here is an example from Classtools.

This is really cool. You have to see it to believe it. There are six sides to a box, so there are six key events that students can write side can be a video, one side can be a here to see it in action.

Fake Texts: 
This is just for fun...

Random Name Picker:
This would be great for our department, as currently, we play "nose goes."
click here to watch it spin--when a name is picked, you will hear applause. You can also remove the student so that they are not picked next time.

Fruit Machine:
This is a slot can use as a random name generator, but I think it's great for a vocabulary word list. Put in words and spin, and when a word comes up, students need to define it                                              

Countdown Timer:
This is nice to display, and you can select a soundtrack as well:

Need a timeline tool for students? There are a number to choose from:

Arcade Generator:
Need one? No problem. There are some pre-made ones as well:
Fishbone or Burger Diagram:
Because, why not? Who wouldn't want this?
 There's more, too. Just go to to check it out. There is a paid version as well for no ads.

Make something fun? Let us know in the reply section.

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