Thursday, November 5, 2015

Zaption: Easy Flipped Classroom--I Pinky Swear!

If you don't follow Richard Byrne, whose blog is Freetech4teachers, you must NOW. I have gotten a lot of great ideas from him, and today he did not disappoint. In this blog, he wrote about Zaption. Zaption is a site where you can take any video and add questions to it to make it interactive. Zaption calls these videos "learning tours". In about 5 minutes, I learned how to add multiple choice and free response questions to videos. Here's the video I watched to learn--so easy, I pinky swear.

I thought, nah, no math, I'm sure...but right when I checked it out, I saw a choice of a rational graph video, which I just taught, so it caught my attention. I had hoped to get to converting to vertex (standard) form of a parabola in my class today. Students had a test, and then they worked on this Desmos activity to introduce them to parabolas. But we did not get as far as completing the square.

Insert Zaption. I searched for a completing the square vertex video, and luckily, the first one I saw had an instructor who does it the same way I do. I was able to add a multiple choice question and two free response questions in a video that was less than 4 minutes. I added it to their homework assignment, and students will have to answer the question before they move on. Twice, I asked them to predict the answer, and then once I asked them to solve a problem on their own after watching the video. Afterward, I can look at the analytics and see their responses and how they did. I am assigning this for homework in addition to a light assignment on what we did get to cover.

Here is the video:
And here are the analytics, though none of my students have done it yet--though I can't wait to see it for myself.

The gallery is quite amazing. They have all different subjects and topics. Try it for yourself. If you do a flipped classroom or a modified flip, I think you will love it. 

If you are interested in learning how to use Explain Everything for your flipped classroom, click here.

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