Monday, November 30, 2015

My Half-Marathon Playlist and Pumpkin Mousse Mini Cheesecakes

It's ironic that I have a half marathon halfway through the school year, where I feel like I've almost completed the 2015 - 2016 half marathon. I feel like I've completely let go of the "eat" and "play" of my blog title, so here's a little play...this is my playlist, in case if you ever are in need of some upbeat music for a half-marathon or a workout. It goes over my time, but just in case I decide in the middle of the song that I downloaded that I want to switch it, I figured I'd add more at the end. I tried to make every fourth song, towards the beginning at least, a major motivation song for me. I couldn't snap a picture of the entire playlist, but here it is in two pictures.

Also, here is a recipe that was a hit at Thanksgiving...from my Pinterest, where you will also find a ton of high school math resources. It is No Bake Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes, and they are out of this world. The only thing I would do differently is double the amount of graham cracker mixture because I had a lot of leftover mousse (not to worry--it was all eaten without the graham crackers.) I also used graham cracker crumbles which made it easier. And there are little plastic shot glasses at our local grocery store that makes it very easy to make a lot of little desserts.
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Back to math next time!

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