Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer Packets for Pre-Calculus and Algebra 2 Honors

Last summer I blogged about saving time at the beginning of the year in my "Are you ready for Pre-calculus?" post. At the end of this year, my department decided for the first time ever to assign a summer packet in all of its math classes (other than electives and IB) so that we could try to ensure that students in the same class were (hopefully) all in the same place at the beginning of the year. Again, we hope to save some review time and then get into some meatier problem-solving. We figure students will spend about 2 - 3 hours on the packet, reviewing skills from last year. We do get a number of students from other countries since about 20% of our students board, and so this should alleviate some of the past problems we have had with placement.

I am linking my "Are you ready for Pre-Calculus AB?" and "Are you ready for Algebra 2 Honors?" summer packets and answers through drop box below. Note that they are somewhat similar because of the nature of the two courses. Pre-Calculus AB is our accelerated Pre-Calculus class, and we just renamed it for next year. We noticed many other schools use the "AB" at the end of Pre-Calculus to denote that students in this class are being prepared to take AP Calculus AB upon completion (with a good grade.)

Are You Ready for Algebra 2 Honors? Summer Packet

Are You Ready for Pre-Calculus AB? Summer Packet

In the packet, there are links to videos and page numbers in the textbooks that we use as references.

The texts we use are:
Larson's Algebra and Trig 9e for Algebra 2 Honors, and
Larson's PreCalculus with Limits 3e for Pre-Calculus

A quick peek of the Algebra 2 Honors summer packet is below.

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