Thursday, June 23, 2016

Problem Set 2 for my Problem-Solving Course

I've posted problem set 1 here and Chapter 0, which I've renamed Unit 1, here. Both are going to be part of a workbook I am creating for my students in my Honors Problem-Solving seminar. Thanks a million to @mrdardy for catching some typos and asking me great and thoughtful questions!

Here is my Problem Set 2.

In the 6 problems I give each week, I’m trying to include (and this has pretty much been in my head till now…I blogged about some of it, or wrote in the comments):

-one algebra problem
-one geometry problem
-one probability problem
-one problem based on what I will be doing in class that week
-one problem that may “recur” that they could see again somehow (like, my second problem set has a geo problem that ends up being the golden ratio)

-one logic problem

I think I have to write my weekly unit 2 before I create the next problem set, so it will all fit in well other words, the unit and the problem sets kind of go hand in hand. 

Speaking of hands, below is the logic problem from problem set 2. 

Any feedback is welcomed :)


Benjamin Leis said...

Hi Lisa,
Looks good to me. Just some extension thoughts this time:

For #4 this could be easily extended to a version of the Monte Hall problem for a followup.

For #5 I always like what is the unit digits of some very large factorial like 10000000123123! as warmup to how many zeros are there.

For #6 I prefer the golden ratio in fractional form to decimal. You could easily add a problem that more directly uses it as a second half. After doing a basic rectangle type problem I find the presence of the ratio in pentagons to be very exciting/unexpected.

Lisa Winer said...

I did not see that with #4!
#5 comment...that is great. I love that!
#6 I have a lot of Golden Ratio stuff in unit 2, which I just finished today, and this problem is kind of like a preview...however, I never heard of the pentagon problem. Thank you! That's awesome.

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Emery Duncan said...

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