Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Student Notes For Functions - Algebra 2 Honors or Pre-Calculus AB

"Hey guys! Today we are going to put the FUN in functions!" I exclaim, cheerily at 8:30 this morning, even before the coffee has set in.
"Lies, all lies!" says student B, making me giggle, as I know she's saying that but she's truly a motivated student. I am very lucky to be teaching this Algebra 2 Honors class.

Functions - not as FUN as one might think. But I try. Here are the notes for my lesson today...we are starting off with a Desmos activity, where I am hoping to dust off some cobwebs from previous courses...
It was a good activity because it also previewed a lot of the material we covered. I taught this in 90 minutes, but my Apple pen ran out at the end, so I finished the rest on the board. Here are the notes:

And here are the worked out notes from class:

I used a great picture from Scaffolded Math for finding zeros on a calculator.

Have any good ideas for teaching functions? Send them my way!

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