Saturday, December 19, 2020

Desmos Conics projects 2020 with Animation and Short Video Explanations for Students including how to change colors

Well, some good came from 2020 this year, and that is my student Desmos projects. I've posted my students' conics project in 2019 and 2018, but what turned out great this year was that they couldn't be printed, so students actually worked more on discovering animations. Below are some of the best ones. But first the rules...Students must have at least one ellipse, circle, parabola, hyperbola, and another parent function as a minimum. 

What did students learn/solidify? The student was able to:

  • Plan a unique design from start to finish using what they learned about graphs in an Algebra 2 Honors class
  • Predict shapes and locations based on the transformations of the graphs we learned in class
  • Generalize what they have learned about transformations on graphs to what they haven't yet learned, such as y=asinbx + c.
  • Construct pictures by analyzing and synthesizing their own piecewise shapes 
  • Illustrate knowledge of domain and range by limiting their graphs 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of inequalities through shading and domain and range restrictions
For some more than others:
  • Infer from examples of how to apply animation 
  • Explain how to animate and use shading arrangements (see student video links at the end)

Twin artists first drew their concepts and then "desmofied" them. 

The shoes had 199 lines of equations and the skater had 378 lines of equations/points.

Some animations, with the help of Twitter!

This student recreated a painting of a bird that she did. The first picture is the overlay and the second picture is without it. 



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