Friday, September 23, 2016

An easy way to organize your classroom and personal papers

I saw this on my friends desk, and was like, WHAT IS THIS? It's a Pendaflex, and she showed me how it works:
When you lift the tab corresponding to the color-coded label across from it, you get a place to store your papers for that topic:
Yep, that's all I got today, but it was worth it for those of you who have several folders and loose papers. I got it using this link from Amazon for $11.99.

Enjoy your new freedom from losing student papers and searching for misplaced papers!


Lisa Bejarano said...

While I love the idea, I am too unorgainized for this system. It doesn't hold enough paper for me!
On a similar note, I LOVE and use these placed in a binder:
Cardinal Expanding Pocket Dividers

Lisa Winer said...

That is a little bulky for me, but I love it and know some teachers who would love it, too! Thanks for sharing!

asmauser said...

Lisa (hi!) Ali Hack pointed me to your blog to read about Israel... but I saw this first. In my house we call this the "magic folder" and I use them for everything! We have one for the college application process (divided by school) and I use them for work too. I'm a notorious school/office supply junkie but this folder is my longstanding favorite.

Amy Mauser

Lisa Winer said...

Hi Amy! How funny!! I sure hope you're planning to go in 2017!!!