Saturday, October 15, 2016

Quizlet and Quizizz for Practice or Formative Assessments

As I sat down to write my lessons for Monday, I started looking for quick formative assessments online. In a matter of minutes, I was able to tailor some uniquely to my classes using the sites and


For one class, I wanted students to review parent functions.
1.  I went to
2. I searched "parent functions".
3. I found several quizzes and one was very close to what I wanted. I clicked on it.
4. I clicked on "copy".
5. I added/deleted things I wanted. When I needed a picture or equation of a cubed root function quizlet automatically suggested graphs and equations it had in its memory!
6. I clicked on "create."
7. I clicked on "add to class."
8. I created the name of my class.
9. I clicked on "add members" and then "automatic join link" which I will post to my class.

Students can use flashcards, take a "test," match, and play quizlet live (my favorite.)
Here is the link to my quizlet:
(Side note to quizlet: I reallllllyyy miss space race (replaced by Gravity.))


1. I went to
2. I searched for vertex form quadratic functions.
3. I found a quizizz I liked by looking at the questions on the right and scrolling. I clicked on this quiz and then clicked "duplicate."
4. I clicked on "edit" deleted questions I didn't like and added by using the search button. This was BEAUTIFUL because it gave me questions from other quizizzes (try and spell that on the computer!) questions already premade! I added them.
5. I clicked "finish."
6. I saved the link and shared it with my colleagues.

I like that you can also assign it for homework!

What are your favorite websites for formative assessments? I have blogged about others here.

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Show me your work...Please said...

Thank you for explaining the process in detail. Our school is currently working on Formative Assessment in our PD.